Playground experimental thriller horror psychological short film


Cris Cochrane Playground
Cris Cochrane

as Clint 

Cris Cochrane is a Melbourne based actor who prides himself on his commitment to the craft of acting, the productions he's been involved in, his professionalism as well as enjoying every moment life throws at him. Early in his career, Cris had a very defined view of the roles he would play; but after being given a role he wasn’t comfortable with, and achieving acclaim for his portrayal, he then set about actively expanding his role and character repertoire, removing all of the limitations he had initially imposed upon himself. Cris has been complimented by directors for his ability to deliver a very dyanmic and powerful screen presence in dramatic roles.


Talking about his character in Playground, Cris says "The character of Clint initially struck me as someone I felt I already knew. On the surface, he comes across as just your typical rural guy - utes, mates, straight up, hard worker, an uncomplicated 'fair dinkum' bloke. But under his sun weathered facade, is a man that has used his environment, both social/situational and natural, to protect himself from life’s disappointments. Clint thinks he knows what he wants, but does he actually know what he needs?"