Playground experimental thriller horror psychological short film


Rob Jackson

as Stew

Robert Jackson Playground

Robert Jackson grew up in Perth, Western Australia where he attended 'The Actors Workshop' drama classes as well as 'The Blue Room' advanced drama school and appeared in a large selection of short films. In 2013, he decided to leave WA and drive across Australia, finally arriving in Melbourne, Victoria. Having quickly settled into his new life, Rob has now become a major player in the Victorian film industry, acheiving a highly successful 2014-15, where he featured in over ten films.


Talking about his character in Playground, Rob says "Stew is a seemingly quiet Aussie bloke, who looks to be in control of any situation. In contrast to Clint, he moves purposefully at a pace that he dictates. He is the type of guy who, if deserved, will always have your back. With a cool, calm persona, he allows people around him to feel at ease - unless of course you have wronged him in some way. He was always good with the ladies but recently Liz, his fiancée, has claimed his heart. Stew finds himself returning to adolescent form around her but an internal conflict has been building, a conflict of necessity, desire and reality."