Playground experimental thriller horror psychological short film



as Liz

Hailing from Adelaide, Stephanie moved to Melbourne to study at The Victorian College of the Arts; Musical Theatre and has worked in numerous Children’s Theatre productions in Australia as well as internationally. Steph holds a Bachelor of Performing Arts from Monash University. She spent two years in America teaching and directing shows in upstate New York at French Woods Festival of Performing Arts and now currently continues her training at the Melbourne Actors Lab.

Robert Jackson Playground

Discussing Steph's character in Playground; Liz is essentially a product of her urban upbringing: having grown up in the city, she is chic, educated, well-mannered and rational. She genuinely loves Stew and wants the best for him. She is everything that Clint is not and ultimately represents a world far removed from Clint and Stew’s rural lifestyle. She pulls Stew towards her world and is the roadblock for Clint as he resists her motives and pushes back.