Playground: Official Teaser Poster Released!

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Written by Jack Coco and Jocea Brough


Primitive Films is excited to release the new Playground teaser poster, while also taking on a very interesting new art direction. After a collaborative effort, our new film now has a face to show the world. The design intent was to display the Australian bush in a striking new way. The cut, crinkled paper and black stamp styling show a textured and gritty Australian landscape - almost like something you'd find at a country market craft stall - but dipped in blood. The tree's roots suggest a bloodiness that is attached to the landscape, signifying that there might just be a different and darker side to the natural world, that harbours an underlying maliciousness.



The poster formed from a concept by our talented artist Jocea Brough, with additional input by our producer Jack Coco, who together have done their utmost to bring the right blend of a raw Australia with a subtle malevolence and the perfect representation of what Playground intends to showcase.


Jocea explains "The idea came from a small sketch I had done a while ago. There were trees on a hill with visible roots which kind of seeped down red into the ground. That later translated to the water, which I knew would be a visible element in the film, and so instead, I turned the blood suggestion into a reflection. The bit I am most fond of is where the red reflection joins the base of the tree and comes out of the water, subtly breaking the illusion."


The cut paper and ink stamp look is reminiscent to paper crafts you might find in a rural Australian market and the colours and intensity are used to depict a rich Australian sunset. It shows the trees in a very raw and gritty way. The poster as a whole suggests a reality full of malice where no one is safe.


"And then there's the giant skeleton hand! That was Jack's ‘not so subtle’ touch. But as soon as we saw it we knew it made the poster!" Jocea said while laughing.


Continue following Playground here on our website, or head over to our Facebook and twitter pages. We’ll be posting plenty more in the lead up to the film’s release.


Did you know that Playground is listed on IMDb as well? Check it out by clicking here!

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