They Can't Hear You - Crowdfunding Campaign a Massive Success!

Monday, November 6, 2017

The crowdfunding campaign for They Can't Hear You has now concluded. We are very proud to announce that we have successfully raised a total of $6,215 from no less than 80 backers! This total amount exceeds our initial goal by $215!

We would like to extend a massively big thank you to all our wonderful backers who have rallied behind us to ensure that They Can't Hear You will become a reality. The team at Primitive Films would like to thank the following backers:


Daniel Martin
Edwin & Patricia Creely
DTA Australia
Sheryl Hughes & Paul Breach
Paul Herbert
Redouane Chaouki
Ken Sayers
Steve Maradis
Timothy Sallai
Sam Creely
Michelle Warren
Klara Coco
Jessie Gottschalk
Klara Sallai
Martin Stirling
Stephen Sallai
Wayne Hauser
Dean Giannakis
Albert Goikhman
Nick Kozakis
Wendy Christensen
Felicity Wooster
All Ports International Logistics
Run & Kat Samarakoon
Paul Mosca
Derek Erskine
Paula & Vince La Rosa
Adam Salerni
Nadia Holmes
Nick Creely
Julie Cantrill
Gabby Llewelyn
Jocea Brough
Mike Whelan
Debbie Ryan
Tom Vogel
Antonietta Aquilina
Suzan Battah
Laura Jane Emes
Riccardo Sacchetti
Joseph Russell
Sal Fernando
Carolyn Tyrer
Hamilton & Caroline
Heidi Sanchez
Tania Burro
Emily Joy
Jordan Creely
Nathan Itter
George A.
Sandro De Rango
Gabby Llewelyn
Darryl Redden

Jeff Cox
Alex Wilson
Connor Bashford
Francesco Fazio
Sandra Casa
Michael Sallai


There were also a number of exceptionally generous backers who preferred to remain anonymous. We respect this and thank all of you massively as well- you know who you are.

With our crowdfunding campaign a success, we can now embark on the next chapter of producing this incredible film. Now the fun really begins! Stay tuned.

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